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Cat Attacked by Two Dogs as Their Owners Cheer Them On



Cat Attacked by Two Dogs as Their Owners Cheer Them On

A cat named Buddy was brutally attacked by two dogs in Philadelphia, as the owners of the dogs cheered them on, shouting “Get him” and “Good boy” as the gruesome attack took place, authorities said.

The attack took place on March 29, and was captured on a surveillance camera outside one family’s home in Frankford, the Philly Voice reported. In the video, you can see Buddy sitting on a porch when the two men are seen walking by the home with the dogs, which were on leashes.

The men appeared to be walking past the home when the dogs noticed the cat, so the men proceeded to drop the leashes and the dogs attacked the screeching cat, which is when you can see them cheering on the dogs. It looks like the dogs still had a hold of Buddy when a person came out of the house where the attack took place and intervened. 

Buddy was admitted to the BluePearl Pet Hospital with life-threatening injuries after the attack. The cat was in critical condition, but was able to make a full recovery and was discharged today in stable condition, the Philly Voice reported.

He will not return to the street where he formerly lived in the city’s Frankford neighborhood, but instead will continue to recover in a foster home with one of the veterinarians who took care of him at the hospital. According to a family where the attack happened, they had taken care of Buddy outdoors, but tried to bring him indoors and it never worked out.

Now it looks like they will monitor Buddy’s progress while at his foster home and possibly put him up for adoption. This, of course, comes after they determine whether he would be best served inside or with a home that has safe access to the outdoors.

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Meanwhile, the owners of the dogs, a 12-year-old and 17-year-old, turned themselves in to the police, the Philly Voice said. The duo is facing felony animal fighting and aggravated animal cruelty charges. Since they are juveniles, they cannot be charged as adults for these crimes. The dogs that attacked Buddy have been apprehended, officials said.

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