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California Pilot Indicted For Threatening To Shoot Captain



California Pilot Indicted For Threatening To Shoot Captain

A California pilot, Jonathan J. Dunn, is facing charges for threatening to shoot a flight captain in the event of a potential flight diversion due to a passenger’s medical condition. The U.S. Department of Transportation Office of the Inspector General announced the indictment on October 18.

The incident transpired on August 22, 2022, while Dunn served as the first officer on the flight crew. Following a disagreement regarding the potential diversion of the flight due to a passenger’s medical emergency, Dunn reportedly warned the captain of being shot multiple times if the diversion occurred.

The indictment accuses Dunn of assaulting and intimidating a fellow crew member, disrupting their ability to carry out their duties and employing a dangerous weapon in the course of the assault and intimidation. Dunn had been authorized to carry a firearm under the Transportation Security Administration’s Federal Flight Deck Officer (FFDO) program, which permits FFDOs to carry TSA-issued firearms and equipment on board to safeguard the flight deck against criminal violence or air piracy. Subsequently, Dunn has been removed from the FFDO program, as confirmed by the TSA.

California Pilot Indicted For Threatening To Shoot Captain

The investigation into the matter is being jointly conducted by the DOT’s Office of the Inspector General and the FBI, with assistance from the Federal Aviation Administration. Delta Airlines has severed ties with Dunn, and he is no longer employed by the airline.

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Details about whether the flight ultimately underwent diversion have not been disclosed in the available information.

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