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Britney Spears Announces Pregnancy with Third Child



Britney Spears Announces Pregnancy

Social media is abuzz over Britney Spears’ announcement that she is pregnant for the third time.  The 90s sensation was recently recorded rolling around half-naked on a beach in front of a middle-aged man yet her announcement that she is now pregnant is making all the headlines.  The baby will be Spears’ first with her fiancé, Sam Asghari.

Britney’s Family Keeps Growing

In case you forgot, Spears is already a mom.  The 40-year-old has two teenage kids, Jayden James and Sean Preston.  The teenagers are the result of Spears’ marriage to former model and dancer Kevin Federline.  Spears took to Instagram to announce she is expecting a third child.  

Spears wrote about how she noticed she was gaining weight after a vacation to Maui with her fitness trainer boyfriend.  The sultry singer took a pregnancy test and is now planning to give birth to a very lucky baby.  Spears went on to write about how she won’t be going out nearly as often, so the paparazzi cannot photograph her.  

Spears’ social media posts also reveal she suffered perinatal depression while pregnant.  The singer described that depression as “absolutely horrible” and something that women “didn’t talk about back then”, insisting it was previously considered to be dangerous if a woman complained about having a baby inside her.  

Yoga Awaits the Pregnant Pop Star

Spears finished her Instagram post by noting how she will soon transition to daily yoga to facilitate a healthy birth.  Her daily yoga sessions will replace her seemingly nightly escapades out on the town now that she is pregnant with her third child.  

The pregnancy comes six years after her first interaction with Sam on the “Slumber Party” music video set.  The couple began dating shortly after the video shoot and became engaged last fall.

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