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British Mother Tries to Take Uber to Ukraine to “Help”



British Mother Tries to Take Uber to Ukraine to “Help”

Leoni Fildes, a British mother who is 34-years-old, got drunk earlier this month and requested an Uber ride from Salford, UK all the way to Ukraine. The “mum” as Britons say, insists she booked the Uber ride to lend her assistance in the battle against Russian imperialists. Fildes later admitted she consumed more than her fair share of double pink gins with Sambuca shots before summoning the rideshare service.  

The Ride That Never Was

Fildes was celebrating a friend’s birthday during a night out on the town when she decided to contribute to Ukraine’s national defense effort. The woman and her boyfriend determined it would be wise to make their way to Ukraine smack dab in the middle of the Russian invasion.

Fildes’ Uber app didn’t process her request for a ride to Ukraine, but instead, displayed an error message indicating she had insufficient funds. If Fildes followed through on her mission to assist in Ukraine’s fight for freedom, she would have logged a whopping 1,700 miles. An Uber ride of this length would have equated to nearly 5,000 British pounds.  

It is interesting to note that Uber attempted to process the ride request nine times. Fildes reluctantly admitted she requested the XL comfort ride option. An Uber ride with such niceties is egregiously expensive, especially when traveling more than 1,000 miles. As a result, the request was declined since Fildes’ account was underfunded for such an extravagant trip.

Fildes is Going Viral

Fildes appears to be reveling in her newfound fame, possibly because she has an attractive phenotype. She is visually striking to the point that she has the potential to parlay her social media virality into something much larger. It is also possible that Fildes will now forever be linked to the war in Ukraine.

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Fast forward a couple months into the future and you might find Uber employing Fildes as a social media influencer or brand ambassador. After all, the rideshare specialist attempted to withdraw the cost of the requested ride nearly 10 times from her account, so it only makes sense that they offset the negative public relations stemming from the incident with a form of goodwill.

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