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Brazilian Model Says She’s on a Strict Sex Diet to Stay in Shape



Fad diets come and go, but here’s one that everyone can get motivated to stick to. The sex diet. 

The sex diet is highly recommended by 26-year-old Brazilian fitness influencer Ruth Telles. She works out, eats a healthy diet, and has sex on a regular basis. 

“Having sex twice a day is like running for an hour on the treadmill,” Ruth says. “I can lose 400 calories without the effort of running. It’s worth it.”

Ruth says her sex diet is more enjoyable than going to the gym and it has similar effects when it comes to burning calories and building muscle. 

However, she stresses that sex alone will not help you reach your fitness goals. You must accompany your regimen with a healthy diet and other types of workouts.

“I dedicate about 2 hours of weight training a day and I eat vegetables, legumes, proteins and extremely controlled carbohydrates. I’m very careful with sweets too,” she explains. 

Ruth is active on Instagram and often posts pictures of her workout and travels. She has over 220,000 followers. While people seem to enjoy her tips, she has been criticized by those who claim her appearance is fake. 

Her ethic is the opposite of many Olympians who abstain from sex while training. Although there is no proof that sex diminishes athletic performance, some believe it makes athletes lose focus and reduces their aggression on the field.

Others say that orgasms make you lose your strength. 

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Well, different strokes for different folks, I guess. What do you think of including sex in your fitness routine?

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