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Brawl Erupts Among UK Moviegoers During Five Nights at Freddy’s Screening



Five Nights at Freddy's Brawl

During an early screening of the highly-anticipated horror film, “Five Nights at Freddy’s,” a brawl erupted among moviegoers at a cinema in the United Kingdom.

In a video shared by @jojoincel on X, the incident captured movie patrons attacking another guest while the closing credits of the film rolled on the screen in Acton, London. Additionally, some individuals were seen using their cellphone flashlights during the altercation.

@jojoincel stated that they were uncertain about the cause of the fight but mentioned that a significant portion of the audience appeared to be discontented with the movie’s conclusion.

“Everyone in the audience was expressing their displeasure, and altercations ensued at the end of the film,” @jojoincel posted on X. “Honestly, I have no idea what happened.”

The film adaptation of this popular video game had been released in select locations before its official theater release, scheduled for Friday.


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This incident is not an isolated one, as movie theater altercations have made headlines in recent months. In July, a viral video emerged of a confrontation during a screening of the “Barbie” movie in Brazil, where a woman confronted a parent allowing their child to watch YouTube videos throughout the entire showing. The TikTok video, shared by user Sophia Ferreira, depicted a woman in pink pants confronting the offending mother as the credits rolled, resulting in a physical altercation. A theater manager intervened to resolve the dispute as both women exchanged heated words.

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