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Brawl breaks out at Arizona high school after dad confronts son’s bullies



Brawl at Arizona high school caught on camera after dad confronts his sons’ bullies

Some wild stuff was going down in Tucson and thanks to kids these days recording everything, it was all caught on camera when a brawl broke out at Tucson High School after a father confronted the bullies of his sons, officials said.

On May 3, police said 40-year-old Willie Smith was called to the school to pick up his two sons. They were being sent home after a disturbance with another group of students on Monday. When they were leaving, school staff and safety officers advised Smith and his sons they should leave through a back exit and not through the actual campus.

However, Smith allegedly refused and went right through the courtyard with his sons during lunch, police said. The reason why? According to KOLD, Smith told staff this was an ongoing issue and if it wasn’t addressed, there would be a problem. Smith said, “If it’s going down, it’s going down here,” authorities said. Smith was apparently referring to his sons protecting themselves if provoked.

It did go down too, as the three walked through the courtyard and there was an exchange between a group of students and Smith’s sons, which is when a fight broke out. Police said Smith’s sons got into a fight and Smith followed them into the area.

Court records state Smith got into “mutual combat with a student,” as both Smith and the student were throwing punches at each other before Smith allegedly pinned the student to the ground by his neck. Smith did admit to fighting with the student, as he said the student was assaulting his son. However, witnesses or the video could not confirm who threw the first punch.

As far as leaving through the back exit, Smith said he didn’t think they needed to since he was not told by school staff that his sons had done anything wrong to be sent home. KOLD did share several videos that were shared online of the fight taking place and it is mass chaos, as at least 30 people were involved!

The Tucson Police Department was called to the scene and two people were arrested. Smith was arrested on a felony charge of disrupting an education institute and a 15-year-old boy was also arrested and is facing a charge of disorderly conduct – fighting, police said.

According to KOLD, the school district did release a statement saying all students and staff are safe and the campus returned to normal operations a few hours after the fight took place. The school stated “some safety restrictions, including continued School Safety and TPD presence, (will continue for) the remainder of the day and week.”

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