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Brain Surgery Couldn’t Keep This Onlyfans Model From Producing Content




After recovering from a brain surgery, work would likely be the last thing on the minds of most people. Whether or not that would be the same if work didn’t feel like “work”, remains to be seen for the vast majority of people. While most people wouldn’t be able to fathom the concept of going to work after such an invasive surgery, an Australian Only Fans model named Ruby May took no time to herself while recovering from brain surgery. In fact, she went as far as to take nudes in her hospital gown while she was recovering from the procedure. She told Jam Press, “I can never bring myself to stop working and I took nudes in the bed in my hospital gown the day after surgery.” Her affinity for work is a trait most people can’t relate to. 

Despite her ability and willingness to work through her recovery from such intense surgery, her fans insisted that doing so wasn’t necessary. She continued by saying, “They loved the nudes but they told me I needed to take a break from working. I love my job.” Her willingness to work even under such strenuous circumstances isn’t surprising considering how grateful she is for a career that allows her to afford such an expensive procedure. 


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Following an MRI, May was informed by her medical team that she ran the risk of becoming paralyzed if she didn’t have the operation. “I wouldn’t have thought anything of it but I had two friends who had brain surgery within the same year.” This serves as a great reminder to be sure to make your annual doctor’s visits, because you never know if you could find yourself in a similar situation to Ruby May.

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