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Botched Botox Injection Causes Patient Not Be Able to Open One of Her Eyes



There are numerous reasons that could lead someone to want to get Botox injections. Unfortunately those reasons can lead to people having to deal with some unforeseen  consequences. That happened with one TikTok user who shared with her followers that recent Botox injections led her to not being able to open her right eye. Whether or not that was worth the wrinkle-free forehead isn’t clear. 

Apparently the condition is called ptosis and only happens to 1% of patients that receive Botox injections from experienced professionals. According to the research by a TikTok user named Jessica, the condition should be gone within a 4-6 week time frame. Even though the condition is said to only impact 1% of people who receive Botox injuries from professionals, multiple TikTok users commented that they’ve been seeing an increase in the amount of girls dealing with the condition. 

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That could be due to the fact that WebMD reports that around 5% of people who receive Botox will have eyelid problems. The condition occurs when the liquid that does the magic within the Botox migrates towards the right eye instead of staying concentrated on the forehead. Among the more common side effects that come with getting Botox injections are bruising, flu symptoms and headache-like pain. It may be fair to assume that the TikTok user who shared her experience with ptosis wishes she was suffering from one of those side effects instead of this. Here’s hoping she’s able to regain the full use of both of her eyes soon.

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