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Bikini Barista Gets Strange Requests from Customers



We’ve heard of waitresses that wear sexy clothing, but now a new trend is arising of women serving coffee in lingerie. These bikini baristas can get pretty strange requests. 

19-year-old Grace Morris of Washington works as a bikini barista and shares her experiences on TikTok. She describes her duties as follows, “I wear lingerie and I make coffee for old men.” She also states that she gets a lot of visits from “dads from the area.”

She shared one incident where a man was heavily flirting with her while in her shop. He asked her how old she was. When she replied 19, he told her he had a son that was 19.

After chatting with the man, she found out that she knew his son and even had a few classes with him, but the man asked her for her number anyway. She declined. 

She also reported getting gifts from the men she serves including a plant, chocolates, a bottle of hot sauce and a mug that says, “you’re my favorite”. More extravagant items include a sofa, groceries, bathroom accessories, kitchen utensils and an enormous projector.

Customers are also known to make weird requests. Some have asked her to take a sip of the coffee before handing it over. Others have offered to give her a $5 tip for spitting in their drink. 

While Grace enjoys her job, she has gotten into some tricky situations. For example, one of her friend’s dads visits her regularly and pays her to keep quiet about it. 

She has also had experiences with a stalker and had to take out a restraining order against him. 

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But overall, she seems to be happy with her current career trajectory. “My customers are lit. That’s all I’m saying,” she beams.

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