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Artist Claims to Have Sexual Relationship with the Famous Mona Lisa



Mona Lisa

The famous Mona Lisa painting is many things to many people, but there probably aren’t many who think of her sexually. Let’s leave that to the Spanish born artist Domingo Zapata who has been obsessed with the painting for over a decade and dreams about having sex with the woman herself. 

Zapata, who has been dubbed ‘the next Andy Warhol,’ rose to fame doing digital takes of the Mona Lisa that have sold for millions of dollars and are displayed at The Louvre in Paris. He is one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s and Johnny Depp’s favorite artists. 

“I have been working with Mona Lisa for 15 years. When I was painting her so much, I would dream and I have a sexual relationship with her. 

“You cannot stop where it’s taking you. As an artist the relationship with the canvas is intimate. The more you open up, the more risk the more you take- the more you express yourself,” the Zapata explained. 

The artist was even asked about his relationship with the Mona Lisa by Diana Picasso, granddaughter of Pablo Picasso. She asked, “Are you dreaming about her, are you having sex with her?”

“Of course, I am having sex with her in my dreams. If I was not having sex with her, I would have quit a long time ago.” 

Zapata has been painting for many years and has accumulated fans around the globe. But when The Louvre approached him about displaying his work alongside DaVinci’s Mona Lisa masterpiece, he thought it was a joke.

He has had difficulty coming to terms with his success and says he got physically ill when he heard his Mona Lisa sold for more than $1 million in St. Barts with DiCaprio narrowly missing out on winning the piece. 

Mona Lisa

He describes the incident saying everyone was coming up to congratulate him, “But I was so nervous I threw up on myself. I used a napkin to cover my shirt, ran to the pool shower where I took my tuxedo off and left my shirt on.

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“It’s like winning an Oscar and throwing up when you give the speech,” he said. 

Zapato may have a strange obsession, but it certainly seems to be paying off!

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