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An Inside Look at the $5 Million Home Kanye West Bought Across From Kim Kardashian



There has been some discussion as to whether couples sleeping in separate beds will be the wave of the future.  Kanye West is taking the notion of being temporarily separate but happy to another level, choosing to divorce his wife yet still live directly across from her.  The news is somewhat stunning as most of those who divorce want to be as far away from their former spouse as possible.  

Kanye made waves earlier this week when news broke that he had purchased a $5 million home across from his former wife Kim Kardashian.  It was announced earlier this month that the star couple would soon divorce.  However, it appears as though they will be spending plenty of time together, albeit in separate homes.

Kanye Paid More Than the Ask Price

The new home was initially listed for sale at $4.1 million.  Kanye paid $4.5 million for the home.  Perhaps what is most intriguing about the property is that it is a single-story home located directly across from Kim’s house.  The new Hidden Hills pad consists of five bedrooms and four bathrooms.  The stunning home hit the market earlier this September for the first time in nearly 70 years.  Kanye closed on the house less than three weeks later, using his LLC Spruce Blue Trust to purchase the home.

Kanye has publicly expressed his desire to get his family back together.  However, not much is known about the former couple’s living arrangements.  Those who follow the celebrity gossip trail seem to believe the purchase of the home will be for the kids of the former couple.  It is possible Kanye will share the home with his kids, setting the stage for logistically convenient visitations as detailed in the divorce settlement.

The Home is Far From Perfect

The building has been fairly well maintained since its construction in 1955, yet real estate insiders have revealed that it is far from perfect.  Those living in the area have revealed the home purchased by Kanye is in need of upgrades.  In other words, this is not a world-class mansion that an entire family can live in without problems.  All in all, the home spans 3,600 feet.  A massive tree is located within the front section of the home’s interior.  There is also an outdoor pool.  

The property is positioned on an acre of land that includes a lovely equestrian ranch.  The interior of the home consists of beige carpeting along with vintage wood panels and cabinets.   The family room conveniently transitions directly to the pool.  The home also features a lavish guest quarters for visitors.

Additional features of the property include a family room with large sliding doors and a fireplace that provides a lovely view of the pool, as well as the horse corral.  The property also has a two-car detached garage.  Kanye and his kids will be able to walk from the detached garage along a path to a three-stall barn.  The barn is quite extravagant, containing a large hay storage space that links to a sizable paddock for horses.  The barn also has a tack room.  

The exterior of the home features AstroTurf instead of grass in an attempt to prevent a potential drought on the west coast from compromising the property’s greenery.  The sizable kitchen was remodeled in ’05 with the addition of a large island.

However, what matters most is that the house is across from Kim, meaning the former couple can spend family time together with their kids that much more frequently.  Kanye will likely live in the property on-and-off with his kids.  

Kanye Might be Leaving Wyoming for Good

It appears as though the rap superstar is departing Wyoming to live with his beloved kids in the Hidden Hills home for good.  Kanye listed one of his Wyoming ranches for sale a couple of months ago.  The ranch is listed with an $11 million price tag.  However, the ranch has not sold as of the time of this publication.  It is also interesting to note the hip-hop icon also purchased a luxurious modern Malibu estate for nearly $60 million.  

Kanye previously lived with Kim in the Hidden Hills mansion shared by the couple up until their split.  Kim purchased half of Kanye’s stake in the home for $23 million this past October.  The $23 million equates to a 50% stake in the property, meaning Kim now owns 100% of the multi-acre estate.  

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Those who follow the California real estate scene are well aware of the fact that the couple invested years of time and possibly upwards of $50 million or more constructing their enormous estate in the Hidden Hills.  In fact, the home was so lavish that it was featured in an issue of Architectural Digest in 2020.

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