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Amber Heard fires her PR firm amidst Johnny Depp’s defamation trial



Amber Heard fires her PR firm amidst Johnny Depp's defamation trial

Amber Heard has fired her public relations firm.  The move comes in the thick of the ongoing trial involving her former husband, Johnny Depp.  It is anticipated that Heard will take the stand later this week in an attempt to stifle her former hubby’s defamation claims against her.

Heard is Unhappy With her Public Perception

Just about everyone who pays attention to celebrity news is well aware of the fact that the mainstream media appears to be siding with Depp over Heard in the ongoing defamation lawsuit.  Heard is taking matters into her own hands by proactively dismissing her public relations team in an attempt to reverse the court of public opinion.  

Heard, one of the leads in “Aquaman”, fired her crisis management company just ahead of her scheduled testimony in the case.  The move was made in an attempt to shape fan sentiment in her favor prior to her appearance on the witness stand.  It is interesting to note the public relations firm in question, Precision Strategies, was founded by Stephanie Cutter, the former deputy campaign manager for former President Barack Obama.  

Heard will now lean on a new public relations team headed by David Shane, a Hollywood industry veteran. Shane previously assisted in the effort to conjure negative coverage of Depp centered on the actor’s alleged spending of $2 million per month on destructive vices.  Those claims were made during a separate lawsuit against one of Depp’s previous business managers.

Who is the Real Victim?

The world will soon find out if it is Heard or Depp who is the actual victim of domestic violence.  Depp is in the stretch run of a defamation lawsuit against Heard for comments she made in a Washington Post op-ed where she insisted Depp abused her.  Depp retaliated by accusing Heard of defaming him through allegations made when the couple was divorcing.  Both celebrities insist they are victims of domestic abuse.

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