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Alabama Set to Carry Out Execution for 1993 Robbery-Motivated Slaying of Friend’s Father




Scheduled for lethal injection on Thursday, Casey McWhorter, 49, currently on death row in Alabama, has urged young individuals to pause and consider their actions before making life-altering mistakes. McWhorter was convicted for the February 18, 1993, shooting death of Edward Lee Williams, 34, the father of his friend. Prosecutors alleged that McWhorter, just three months past his 18th birthday, conspired with two younger teens, including Williams’ 15-year-old son, to steal from Williams’ home and then kill him.

The jury, with a 10-2 vote, recommended a death sentence for McWhorter, a decision upheld by the judge. The younger teens received life sentences. McWhorter, in a phone conversation with the media, expressed peace with himself in the days leading up to the execution.

McWhorter confessed to his participation in the crime, admitting to firing the first shot but denying responsibility for the final shots. In his final appeals, McWhorter’s attorneys raised concerns about his age at the time of the crime and argued that the state did not provide the required 30-day notice of the execution date.

The U.S. Supreme Court had ruled in 2005 against executing individuals for crimes committed under the age of 18. McWhorter’s lawyers contended that Alabama law considers individuals full adults at 19 and does not permit 18-year-olds on juries, making it unconstitutional to execute someone below the state’s legal age of adulthood.

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall’s office urged the Supreme Court to proceed with the execution, citing the premeditated nature of the crime and McWhorter’s actions after the killing.

In his message to young people, McWhorter advised taking a moment before making life-altering decisions. He emphasized the profound impact one bad choice can have on one’s life and the lives of those they care about.


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The article also mentions the scheduled execution of David Renteria, 53, in Texas for the 2001 strangling of a 5-year-old girl taken from an El Paso store.

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