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Airline Passenger Sparks Wild Theories After Spotting Dementor-like Object in Sky



The internet is abuzz after an airplane passenger spotted an odd shape floating in the sky.  Zoe Montoya, a student pursuing her Ph.D., was traveling from Las Vegas to Oklahoma when she viewed the dementor-like shape from her passenger window.  The object in question looked like it was plucked directly out of a Harry Potter movie.

Social Media Ignites

Montoya added a clip of the mysterious object to her TikTok page. You can see the clip by surfing the web on @zoeemontoya on TikTok.  All in all, the clip has been viewed nearly nine million times since its upload.  Montoya captioned the clip with the following text: “Ummm what’s going on.  Saw this on my flight from Vegas to Tulsa today.”

A flurry of responses ensued in which TikTok users compared the image to the nefarious dementors made famous in Harry Potter films.  Even a Santa Claus troll chimed in on the comments section, stating, “I checked…it wasn’t me.”

Is the Image Real?

Accusations were levied shortly after the clip was uploaded to TikTok.  Several users accused Montoya of faking the image or outright stealing it.  Others insisted the image is nothing more than a smudged window.  However, Montoya addressed those accusations with a follow-up clip a couple days later.  She used another phone to record her phone screen.  Montoya also displayed her camera roll complete with footage and photos including expanded thumbnails.  

Indeed, it appears as though Montoya’s footage is genuine.  However, questions still loom as to what, exactly, she viewed from her airplane window.  It is possible that the image is a shadow from another plane.  It is also possible Montoya viewed a UFO.  Some commenters on the social media page insist the image is nothing but a condensation trail stemming from another aircraft.

Montoya’s footage is still a mystery.  Countless UFO sightings have been reported, uploaded to social media and never explained.  

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The National UFO Reporting Center indicates UFO sightings have soared in recent years.  Though there was a slight decline in UFO reports in 2018, the numbers spiked in the ensuing years, meaning the object viewed by Montoya is just one of many witnessed by everyday people around the globe.  Perhaps Ancient Aliens or a similar TV show will analyze Montoya’s footage in an upcoming episode to provide additional insight into the matter.

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