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Airline passenger duct taped to his seat for groping the crew lands in jail



Airline passenger duct taped to his seat for groping the crew lands in jail

Footage of 23-year-old Maxwell Berry of Norfolk, Ohio went viral after he was duct taped to his seat on a Frontier Airlines flight for groping a stewardess and other unruly behavior. 

Berry has since pled guilty to three counts of assault related to the incident that took place on July 31, 2021. He was sentenced to 60 days in jail.

The man reportedly had two drinks on the flight between Philadelphia and Miami before hurling insults at the crew and passengers while claiming his parents were millionaires. He also brushed his empty glass against a female flight attendant’s bottom as he demanded another drink. 

Other behavior included spilling a drink on himself before emerging from the bathroom topless and asking the staff to help him put on a dry shirt from his carry on. He groped two female flight attendants’ breasts as they tried to assist him.

When a male cabin crew member tried to intervene, Berry punched him in the face. 

With few options in keeping Berry restrained, the crew ended up taping him to his seat. He was arrested as soon as the plane touched down in Miami. 

The events were filmed by fellow passenger Alfredo Rivera who was sitting behind Berry. 

The recent court date was attended by victims Jordan Galarza, who Berry struck in the face, and Tymerah Burgess, who Berry groped.

“My number one role on any aircraft is to protect the passengers including Maxwell Berry, who we did get to Miami safely that day,” said Galarza. 

He also commented that taping the passenger to the chair might be, “a bit barbaric but it worked perfectly, and no one got hurt because of how we did what we did.”

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