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Welcome to SFPost, where we reveal the strange and unusual!

We at SFPost think that news should be more than just facts; it should be a study of the strange, a trip into the funny, and an adventure into the weird. Ever since we started on October 15, 2022, we’ve worked hard to bring you news stories that will interest, entertain, and amaze you.

Get to Know Our Founder

Seth Nayan is the man behind SFPost. He is a determined news fan with a dream to make a platform that is different from the rest. The idea behind SFPost came from Seth’s desire to find strange and interesting stories from around the world. Seth is dedicated to producing high-quality journalism and makes sure that each piece of news on SFPost is more than just a story. Summary: Seth Nayan is a huge fan of news.

The SFPost Staff/Team

Our team at SFPost is made up of people with a wide range of skills. They all work together to make this platform a place for unusual news.

Darryl Linington is the main reporter.

Our lead reporter, Darryl Linington, has been telling stories for a long time and has a knack for finding the unusual in the everyday. Darryl has been a journalist for a long time and brings depth and understanding to every story he writes. This makes sure that SFPost stays your best source for the latest and most interesting news.

James Cabrera is the main media contributor.

James Cabrera, who is our Lead Media Contributor, is the one who made SFPost look good. His great sense of style and ability to tell stories through multimedia makes the whole experience better for our readers. James makes sure that SFPost’s news is presented in a way that is visually appealing. This includes interesting movies and pictures.

Come with us on the trip

We at SFPost want you to join us on this exciting new journey. SFPost is here to make you curious and amazed, whether you’re one of us who loves news or someone who just wants a break from the everyday.

Keep an eye out for the craziest and newest news from around the world. You can’t just get news from us; we also look into the strange. Thanks for coming to SFPost!

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