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51-Year-Old Millionaire Set to Marry 21-Year-Old Says “Love is for Poor People”



51-year-old millionaire Brandon Wade is known for creating a sugar daddy site where he hooks up rich, older men with young women. He was quoted as saying, “love is for poor people”, but now it seems he has found love in the form of 21-year-old Dana Rosewall. 

The two met on his website Seeking.

Wade, who has been divorced three times, is so convinced that Dana is the one, that he has waived his right to divorce for this relationship. 

“Mine and Dana’s love is eternal, timeless, and transcends this life,” he says. 

The two plan to marry “somewhere in nature” later this summer. There will be no prenup as the couple doesn’t plan to divorce. They will also be signing a contract waiving their right to divorce when they marry. 

The two got together after Brandon spent his 50th birthday all alone in the summer of 2020 due to the pandemic. 

Dana sent the millionaire a DM and they ended up speaking for four hours. After the conversation, Brandon asked her if he could fly out to Orlando, FL where she lived so they could have a meal together. 

“My connection with Dana was so strong from the beginning. Our first conversation lasted hours and the next day I flew out to Florida to see her,” Brandon said. 

“When he asked me to marry him, I said yes immediately,” Dana said. “Everything about our relationship just makes sense. I just want to be around him. 

She also admits that their relationship is not typical.

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“But nothing about our relationship is typical. We have a big age gap; people always look at us. I tell people to spend five minutes with us before forming an opinion. It won’t be what they expect it to be. Our love is genuine.”

For better or worse, and by death will they part. Here’s wishing the couple the best. 

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