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Mass nude photo shoot on Australian beach helps raise awareness for skin cancer

mass nude photo shoot by Spencer Tunick

To help raise awareness about skin cancer, thousands of people decided to strip off their clothes for a mass nude photo shoot on an Australian beach. U.S. photographer Spencer Tunick directed the swimsuit-less individuals as they took over Sydney’s Bondi Beach over the weekend.

Tunick is famous for staging mass nude photo shoots at different world landmarks and had attendees organize line-up while posing on the beach before many took a skinny dip in the ocean, Sky News reported.

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mass nude photo shoot | Credit: Don Arnold/WireImage/Getty Images

Tunick, based out of New York, worked with a charity for this naked art installation. Their goal is to increase awareness about melanoma, Australia’s fourth most common form of cancer. According to the federal government, they estimate that an increasing number of skin cancer cases will be diagnosed in Australia this year, and more Australians will die from the disease.

So, on a crisp spring morning in Sydney, Tunick decided to bring awareness to this disease. 

For the nude photo shoot, about 2,500 people took part, Sky News stated. Robyn Lindner, one of the participant said she had to overcome nerves to strip for the photo shoot, but everyone seemed so enthusiastic about the photoshoot.

It is not Tunick’s first time in Australia, as he last directed a mass shoot in Sydney in 2010. At that time, a total of 5,200 Australians posed naked at the Sydney Opera House.

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