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Woman gets stopped by airport security as thrift store purchased luggage tests positive for explosives

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Thrift stores are great for finding items at reduced prices. But beware, you never know where they’ve been. One woman found that out the hard way when she was pulled over for a security search when she was getting ready to fly to Istanbul. 

It turned out that her thrift store purchased luggage had traces of explosives.

@zoeehoyle TAKE NOTE: Don’t buy your case from a charity shop #stopandsearch #manchesterairport #airportsecurity 🤦🏼‍♀️ @mollyandmumma ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Her mother, Zoe Hoyle (on TikTok as @zoeehoyle), took to the social media channel to share a video clip of her daughter making her way through customs while using captions to explain what was happening. 

Hoyle posted in a caption that they bought the suitcase that her daughter used from a charity shop, but the security stopped them at the airport.

She also revealed that airport security conducted a 30-minute investigation before permitting her daughter to continue her travels. The security informed them that the case had evidence of explosives used for bombs.

thrift store purchased luggage

After a thirty-minute security check and investigation, the woman’s daughter can finally fly. Picture: Tiktok/@zoeehoyle

Many viewers weighed in to share similar experiences


Ever since 9/11, airports have been doubling up on security efforts. But things are expected to ease up within the next 18 months due to new CT scanners being introduced. 

The new scanners will inspect bags with 3D technology, offering a considerable improvement over the current 2D methods being used. 

As a result, some airports will no longer ban liquids over 100 ml allowing passengers to pack beverages, cosmetics, and other liquids in carry-on for the first time in 16 years. Travelers will no longer have to place liquids in a clear plastic bag. 

The new scanners are currently being tested at London’s Heathrow airport and are expected to be rolled out as a permanent feature sometime in 2024.

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