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Bride stung by world’s most venomous fish while on honeymoon

Bride stung by the most venomous fish

A UK newlywed couple was just trying to enjoy their honeymoon together, but their trip was ruined. The bride stung by one of the world’s most venomous fish is in great pain. It went beyond the ruined honeymoon, as the sting had left her in agony for months.

The 27-year-old bride, Amy Thomson, said, “What should have been an amazing honeymoon was spoilt from that point,” according to the New York Post. The incident occurred in September after she and her new husband, Callum Thomson, 37, went on a two-week honeymoon to the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.

On the day of the bite, the newlyweds were out on a snorkeling trip when Amy decided to take a dip in the water to cool down. She said, “Through our holiday rep, we picked a speedboat trip where they take you to all the differing snorkel stops. We were towards the end of it, and there was a BBQ on the beach. We were all on the beach, and I was between courses and I was quite hot, so I wanted to go in for a swim.”

Bride stung by stonefish, venomous fish

Bride stung by stonefish, venomous fish

That is when things go a little sketchy, as she went to put on her sea shoes, but “the guy who was organizing the trip said, ‘No, no, no, you don’t need those here.’” Amy took his advice and went into the ocean without any protective footwear.

She should have trusted her own instincts, as she was stung by a stonefish shortly after jumping in the water. Stonefish use their sharp dorsal spines to inject a highly toxic venom that causes “intense pain,” the New York Post stated.

The bride stung by the fish was able to swim back to shore, but felt the most intense agony she’d ever experienced. Amy said, “I came straight back to the shore. That is when I honestly have never had that much pain in my life. I looked at my foot, and it had already doubled in size. It was all swollen. I looked underneath my foot, and it had gone all blue and white.”

At this point, it took a full hour for the boat to ferry the couple back to shore and then another 45 minutes for them to hail a cab to the hotel. Once at the hotel, she visited the hotel doctor, who referred her to the hospital for treatment.

Bride stung by stonefish, venomous fish

Bride stung by stonefish, venomous fish

Amy said, “They blue-lighted me over an hour away from the hospital, and the pain lasted until eventually I was put on a drip and given morphine. I stayed over in the hospital that night where I received anti-venom for the sting.”

The couple remained in Mauritius until Sept. 30, but she could not enjoy the rest of the activities they had planned on the trip. The pain continued after getting home too, as Amy said, “On the flight home, my foot blew up like a balloon, and I am still suffering now.”

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