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Pastor slammed for dressing too provocatively for church service

pastor slammed in a letter by a Christian for wearing slim-fit jeans

A pastor slammed in South Dakota due to dressing “too sexy” after he wore slim-fit jeans to his church service. 

A congregant slammed Rev. Adam Weber in a letter written in October who called his pants “disgusting” and his attire “morally wrong” to wear in a house of worship. 

They insisted he should dress “more conservatively” as a “representative of Jesus Christ” and use common sense before showing up for services wearing skinny jeans. 

The 40-year-old pastor and father of four posted the letter on Instagram along with the following caption. 

“I got this (anonymous) letter yesterday in the mail. From a Christian. Ouch! You know it’s interesting when there isn’t a name. I don’t get letters like this very often. 99% of the letters & messages I get are wonderful. It’s easy to focus on this one though. And become jaded because of it. At people. Especially at Christians. At the church. At Jesus. This isn’t Jesus though.”


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The pastor admits to getting many letters a year, most of which are positive. However, this isn’t the first time he’s been criticized for his sense of fashion. He points out that he has very limited attire, including only three pairs of skinny jeans. 

“I get letters like this a few times a year. Sometimes I get where the person is coming from. But when I started reading this, I wasn’t sure if it was one of my buddies joking with me or something.” 

“When I finished reading it, I became sad and heartbroken for the person who had written it. Whenever I think thoughts like those in this letter, I’m usually not in a great place. So, I grieve for this person.”

Weber said he shared the letter online, hoping the author would reach out and “feel the grace and love whether they were a believer or not. I would grab a coffee with this person to hear their story.”

He also notes that Jesus wasn’t exactly the sharpest dresser. 

“This person simply forgot that Jesus preached in sandals- most likely Birkenstocks and something that looked like a robe. I’m pretty sure those that followed Jesus were more concerned about what he was preaching than his clothing.”

“I’m not posting this to be passive aggressive towards the anonymous person who sent this. Or for anyone to feel sorry for me. Only to encourage you, please don’t walk away from Jesus because of people.

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