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26-year-old Codie Hutton shocked as her dog Masie came back from the dead

Mother Shocked as Dead and Buried Dog Returns Home Alive Days Later

26-year-old Codie Hutton was devastated after her beloved springer spaniel Maisie was allegedly killed after being hit by a car. She buried the dog but imagine her surprise when it turned up just days later alive and well. 

Codie spent hours looking for her dog after it was spooked by a firework and ran off during a local Bonfire night. She even camped out in the field where the dog had run off. But she gave up on her efforts after receiving a call that the dog had been hit by a car and its flattened body had been found. 

She took the dog home and buried it but was shocked when locals returned it alive and well. 

It turned out that the animal that was found dead was likely a fox. Maisie, on the other hand, survived the incident without serious injuries. 

Codie Hutton discovers Maisie is alive

Codie Hutton discovers Maisie is alive

“We were convinced from the tail and markings on the legs that it was her. A microchip couldn’t be found, but we accepted and made peace with her death. 

“I told (my son) Talen she was a star in doggie heaven now. It was devastating. 

“I thought she was gone. I thought I was never going to see her again. I still couldn’t believe it was my Maisie,” Codie explained. 

Maisie and her son were delighted to find out the dog was alive and well. Taylon gave her his Captain America onesie to warm her up upon her return. 

The dog was overjoyed to be reunited with her family as well. 

Although Maisie was tired and hungry after her trip, which took her on a 17-mile trek through England’s Melton, Bedfield, Helmingham, and Wickham, she suffered only a mild eye infection from the ordeal. 

Codie set up a fundraiser to help the rescuers who helped during the search buy new equipment as a show of gratitude.

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