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Tyson Foods CFO arrested for breaking Into strangers house

Tyson Foods CFO arrested

A college-aged Arkansas woman woke up to a surprise that she won’t soon forget as Tyson Foods CFO, John R. Tyson mistakenly entered her home and bed while under the influence. On Sunday, November 6, around 2 am, Tyson, 32, was found sleeping in a woman’s bed at her home. Upon arriving home, the woman called the police and saw Tyson in her bed. 

She informed dispatchers that she believed she left the front door unlocked, which is how he got inside the home. Police reports state that there was a stench of alcohol on his body and breath, and he moved sluggishly while displaying a lack of coordination. According to the Washington County, Arkansas Sheriff’s Department, Tyson was booked and released. 

A spokesperson for Tyson Foods released a statement saying, “We’re aware of the incident, and as this is a personal matter, we have no additional comment.” Tyson is among the fourth generation of family members to head the family food business. He was in the process of being prepared to assume the roles of CEO and chairman. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, when Tyson earned the promotion to CFO, the roles of CEO and chairman were previously held by his father and Grandfather. 

Before joining the family business, Tyson worked as an investment banker for J.P morgan as a private equity and venture capital investor. Lucky for Tyson, he’s not the only person in the frozen food industry to be featured in less-savory headlines. The COO of Beyond Meat, Doug Ramsey, was fired last month after biting a man’s nose at a college football game in Fayetteville, Arkansas. It remains undecided whether or not Tyson will face the consequences from the company for his recent arrest.

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