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33-year-old Astros fan jailed for throwing a beer at Senator Cruz

Astros fan jailed for throwing a beer at senator Cruz

During the celebratory parade for the Houston Astros world series, a man partied a bit too hard, leading him to throw an alcoholic beverage at senator Ted Cruz. The man accused of throwing the can of White Claw in Cruz’ direction, 33-year-old Joey Arcidiacono, was arrested and jailed on felony charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for throwing the beverage.

 The defense his lawyer has lined up might work, considering the circumstances of the day. Arcidiacono’s lawyer Bill Stradley says that his client meant for Cruz to catch the White Claw and chug it in celebration of the World Series Champion Astros. “This was an Astros fan trying to toss drinks from his cooler to the Senator during a championship parade and not realizing how it would be perceived until he saw security’s reaction,” attorney Bill Stradley wrote in a statement posted on Twitter.

 Making matters even more interesting is that Arcidiacono sent a text message to a friend a day before the parade saying, “My dream would be to throw one of the players a beer. Doubt it would happen haha but that would be epic.” Stradley also pointed out that Astros reliever Ryne Stanek “set the legendary chugging bar high that day” by catching and drinking down an alcoholic beverage that was tossed his way by a fan at the parade. 

As officers were apprehending Arcidiacono, he told them, “I know, I’m an idiot. I’m sorry,” prosecutors said. On a podcast where Cruz discussed the incident, he said, “I’m just grateful that the clown who threw this White Claw had a noodle for an arm. I mean, listen, if he threw a 100-mile-an-hour fastball, I might be in a very different condition.” Arcidiacono was released from custody on a $40,000 bond, under the condition that he wears a GPS monitoring device and avoids contacting Senator Cruz.

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