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Man complains about losing his hearing for 5 years, doctor discovered an earbud stuck in his ears

Elderly man in UK losing his hearing due to an earplug stuck in his ear

An elderly British man thought he was losing his  hearing over the last few years. After finally buying a home endoscope kit, he discovered a small white object in his ear. Turns out, he was living with a piece of an old earbud stuck in his ear for the past five years!

For 66-year-old Wallace Lee from Weymouth in Dorset, he kept thinking his hearing problems were because he worked in the noisy aviation industry or possibly an old rugby injury, NDTV reported. After struggling with hearing loss for the past few years, he finally bought a home endoscope kit and spotted a small white object in his ear.

After spotting the white object, Wallace visited a doctor and felt “instant relief” when the unusual blockage was finally removed.

Wallace, a former navy engineer, believes the object got stuck during a plane journey. He said, “Five years ago, when I was visiting my family in Australia, I bought these little earplugs that you can put different attachments in, depending on the noise you want to phase out on an aircraft. One of these little attachments had lodged in there, and it had been in there ever since,” according to NDTV.

man losing his hearing due to an earbud stuck in his ears for 5 years

As his hearing started to get progressively worse, Wallace and his wife started to worry that he was going deaf. After buying the home endoscopic kit and spotting the object in his ear, Wallace made an appointment with an ear, nose, and throat surgeon, who was able to remove the earbud.

Wallace said, “The doctor tried to suck it out at first, but it wouldn’t move at all because it had been in there that long with the buildup of hard ear wax. So he got these miniature tweezers, which they put down this other tube into the ear canal…I could actually feel him tugging, and all of a sudden it went pop.”

That pop is what Wallace had been waiting for. He said, “Instantly, I could hear everything in the room. The fog that was in my head for all those years went and left, and I could hear perfectly well.”

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