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Hangry baby goat goes viral after headbutting owner for not feeding her first

baby goat headbutting owner for food

Even the cutest animal can get a little angry when they tend to be hungry. We would never have known, but it looks like this baby goat is a little hangry, but in the cutest possible way. It happened in the viral TikTok video, as a different side of Moira, the baby goat was seen when the owner was not feeding it when it was hungry!

In the video, TikTok user @snakeriverranch shared a clip with her baby goat. The young animal is seen headbutting the owner in her leg, as the owner captioned the video saying “Such an angry little thing” for she was making her dinner before the baby goat’s! 

@snakeriverranch Such an angry little thing. #ranchlife #funnyfarm #goats #babygoat #pygmygoats #housegoat #goatinadiaper #bottlebaby #moirarose #idahoranchlife #whytho #fyp ♬ original sound – Vert ✌🏼

The baby goat was hungry and clearly needed food, so its anger took over. We have all been there before, but regardless of how hangry the baby goat may have been, how cute is this video? It seems it can’t control its emotions, leading to the headbutting action.

The video has racked up over 40 million views and 6.4 million likes. Of course, the comments have been coming in too. One user suggested “soccer shin guards” for the owner, and we can’t disagree with that logic. Another user added, “The dedication here.” We agree, as this goat was not going to give up until they got their food, which should have been served before the owner decided to make their own first.

Another commenter said, “Lol she said, ‘No, I won’t stop until my food is done!’” and we can totally agree. From this interaction, we think the owner would not be making their food first from now on.

To make it even funnier, the goat’s name came from the famous sitcom show, Schitt’s Creek. One user had the winning comment, “I think you must be ‘folding in the cheese’ wrong!” On that note, we can’t do this anymore, but we hope the baby goat got their food.

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