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33-year-old man in China slapped a kid, faces assault charges

man slapped a kid now faces assault charges

A fight over a toy at a playground turned into an assault charge for a father after he slapped a kid and left his grandfather with a broken leg. Yes, things got a little wild in eastern China, and it all started in a kindergarten classroom.

According to officials, the 33-year-old man, identified only as Lu, went to the 5-year-old’s home in Nanjing demanding an apology after he heard that boy hit his son at school earlier in the day, Yahoo! News reported.

As the conversation took place, Lu slapped the boy in the face, sending him flying off his stool and onto the floor. After the incident, the boy’s 64-year-old grandfather, identified only as Zu, got up and tried to defend the boy. To do this, he grabbed the chair he was sitting on in an alleged attempt to hit Lu.

man slapped a kid due to a kindergarten argument

man slapped a kid due to a kindergarten argument

However, Lu shoved Zu to the floor before he could hit him with the chair. The impact of the fall ended up breaking Zu’s leg, which required medical treatment, Yahoo! News reported. Meanwhile, the boy suffered a bruised and swollen face after being slapped by Lu. The boy’s family reported the incident to the police, and the next day, Lu was detained on an assault charge.

man slapped a kid because of a toy

According to investigators, the feud started for the kindergarten boys when they fought over a toy in the playground. Officials said Zu’s grandson allegedly scratched the back of the head of Lu’s son with the toy, which resulted in a cut.

While the slap seemed to be from Lu demanding an apology, the mother of the boy reportedly intended to make her child apologize to Lu’s son later that evening, according to Yahoo! News. It looks like Lu couldn’t wait for that to happen, so he took things into his own hands. Both families reportedly live in the same community.

No shock here, but the slap video has gone viral on Chinese social media, as the video has racked up over 400 million views on Weibo alone. Many users condemned Lu, who was reported to be a doctor.

While Lu was charged with assault, the incident remains under investigation, according to authorities.

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