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Teachers fired after students find their OnlyFans account

Samantha fired for having OnlyFans account

We all know that pay for teachers is terrible, as a married Arizona teacher couple tried to boost their income, and now it cost them their jobs. The problem: some students at their school found their raunchy photos on an OnlyFans page.

According to the Toronto Sun, Samantha Peer, who goes by the porn name of Khloe Karter, filmed the X-rated content with her husband, Dillon. While they created the content for an OnlyFans page, the couple also shared the videos and images to her TikTok and Instagram accounts. That is how her eighth-grade students found the couple.

To make matters even worse, some of the sex acts seen in the videos were recorded in the kids’ classrooms. The Toronto Sun reported one of the students told his mother that his teacher was spread over his desk.

After students discovered the content, it started to make its way around the school. Staff started sharing it, and Samantha resigned last month, followed shortly by her husband, a fourth-grade teacher.

Samantha has gone to YouTube claiming that the couple was not fired but was forced to resign. She stated the couple turned to porn because of their poor pay as educators and began this side gig last summer.

In the YouTube video, Samantha said she has been with the Thunderbolt School District for five years, and her salary has stayed the same. She worked as the yearbook and science club advisor to earn extra cash.

Samantha, a mother of two, said, “My children are the most important thing to me, and I’m already spending countless hours outside of my contract time on extra school activities, and I don’t think it’s fair that I have to sacrifice my own children’s time because our professional salary did not pay enough.”

While the couple did block the entire state of Arizona on their page, they didn’t help the case by sharing the content on other social platforms. Samantha did complain that the parents allowed their kids to follow her. She also said other teachers were not helping the situation, as “these teachers were also telling students my anonymous name and showing them my page. This was also sent to the parents, and they decided to do the same thing as well.”

The big kicker in this all was not the OnlyFans page, but sharing it on all social media platforms. One parent said, “If it was ‘just’ an Only Fans account, I wouldn’t be as upset because then that would 100% be on the kids’ parents, but this was public and an easy Google search to find everything.”

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