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Baboons traumatize woman after crashing her birthday getaway

Baboons crash birthday getaway

A woman got more than she bargained for when unexpected guests crashed her birthday getaway party

Williams and her friends were enjoying their day when baboons broke into her rental home in Knysna, South Africa. They began helping themselves to her brunch spread and hard liquor. 

“Baboons just came inside our house, ate our avocados we were making for breakfast and drank our Hennessey,” victim Esethu Zoe Williams wrote on Twitter. She also included footage of the incident.

“I’m traumatized.” She wrote in a follow-up Tweet that racked up over 84,000 likes. 

The post showed the baboons jumping from counter to counter and opening bags of chips while Williams and her friends cowered in fear. 

Another clip shows one of the Baboons guzzling brandy from glasses left outside on the patio. 

Apparently, the animals got into Williams’ home because she forgot to shut the door after entering. 

“We had mistakenly left the door open while making breakfast when two baboons entered. They ate eggs, avocado, and bread before proceeding to pop the snacks,” she wrote. 

Although the group initially feared the baboons, they eventually managed to scare them off by screaming and charging toward them. 

Once they left, her friends were able to continue with their party. Williams posted a follow-up tweet showing her monkey-free seaside home along with the caption, “Restored.”

Followers reacted to Williams’ tale with a combination of amusement and sympathy. 

“Life is hard everywhere. They needed that alcohol break,” one commenter stated. 

“Someone said these things are human beings but pretend as if they can’t speak just to avoid paying taxes,” another wrote. 

“A monkey came to our table on the patio and took our chateau gateaux cake in Zimbali, I haven’t healed,” another revealed.

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