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86-year-old nudist wants to rent your garden and strip naked

Stuart Haywood, a nudist is finding a garden to strip naked

An 86-year-old man is looking to rent out people’s gardens so he can walk around naked. 

Retired accountant and naturalist Stuart Haywood started stripping naked in people’s gardens in 2008. 

He recalls attending a life drawing session in Swadlincote, South Derbyshire, England, and thinking, “I can do that.” Going nude has been a fond hobby of his ever since. 

Before deciding on the naturalist lifestyle, his wife, Rhona, was the only person who had seen him naked in over 50 years.

The two are now active in the nudist lifestyle. Rhona does not feel comfortable getting naked but is okay hanging around those that do. 

They take a two-week vacation at the Lakeside Farm Naturist Holidays every year. 

Elderly naturalist, Stuart Haywood with his wife

Elderly nudist, Stuart Haywood with his wife

They even renewed their vows one year while visiting the retreat. A naked vicar officiated the ceremony. 

But now that Stuart is getting older, he finds it hard to make the annual trip to the Lakeside Farm. He is looking to continue his hobby closer to home. 

He is hoping to find a person nearby who is willing to let him frolic around their garden nude. His garden isn’t a good choice as it’s surrounded by houses and close to a public walkway. 

He is offering money, gardening tips, and other, perhaps valuable, advice in return. 

“I would like to find someone with a secluded garden who would allow me access to it for a few hours per week and allow me to follow my interests,” his ad reads. 

“I have a lift in spirits when I take my clothes off. It is a sense of freedom. You’re never too old to be naked and should never be ashamed of your body,” he told the press

He encourages others to try the nudist lifestyle for its uplifting effects.

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