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Carter’s housekeeper denied entry to medically trained neighbors

Carter's housekeeper denied entry to neighbors

This past Saturday, tragic reports emerged that former teen sensation Aaron Carter had passed away. Even though the causes of his untimely passing are still being evaluated, accounts of what unfolded that tragic day are emerging. 

According to sources close to the situation, news of Carter’s request for EMS was heard on the police scanner of neighbors Anthony and Amanda Cheval. 30-year-old Amanda Cheval, a registered nurse, had a defibrillator on hand when she knocked on the rapper’s door “several times.” That’s when Carter’s housekeeper informed her that Carter was already “dead.” 

Anthony Cheval told the DailyMail, “I heard them call out a 927D – code for a possible dead body – for Aaron Carter’s address.” That’s when he provided further insight into Carter’s final moments, saying, “I knocked on the door several times. Finally, after a few minutes, a Black female answered the door, who was foaming at both sides of her mouth and screamed, ‘he’s gone, he’s dead, he’s gone.” 

Afterward, Anthony claimed that Carter’s housekeeper “locked the front door.” He serves as a CPR instructor as part of his role as a corporate safety manager. A few minutes later, the housekeeper said, “I can’t let you in,” before running away from the door. 

Carter's housekeeper denied access to medically trained neighbor

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LA County Sheriff Deputies made their way to the scene just a few moments afterward. “The sheriff’s deputies pushed past her and ran inside the house,” Anthony says. “Minute’s later, they exited the house, but not with the same urgent demeanor they had going in. At that point, I thought whoever it was inside there is dead.” 

His initial suspicion was confirmed when he saw Carter’s fiance Melanie Martin crying on the street. They share an 11-month-old son named Prince. Still, the cause of death has yet to be determined.

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