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Adorable golden retriever so done with his new slow feeder

Goldie bites slow feeder

While we may think canine enrichment is a great way to make sure our dogs can enjoy their lives to the fullest by challenging them to work hard physically and mentally, sometimes our canines want to do things the easy way! In this hilarious video that went viral on TikTok, Michael the Goldie wanted nothing to do with his new slow feeder and just wanted to eat right now!

@michaelthegoldieBelieve it or not Michael is supposed to make a brand video with this product 🥴♬ original sound – Michaelthegoldie

You have to admit, we have all been there before. Having to do something challenging and really just wanting to give up and do it the easy way. In the video, Michael’s owner recently got a slow feeder, which is a bowl or mechanism that makes the dog work and think a little harder to eat their meals. In the end, it is providing mental stimulation while also preventing digestion issues.

However, Michael wanted nothing to do with this slow feeder. Mind you, he did try, but it was a little too hard for him and he just wanted to eat! This slow feeder works by Michael having to tap the canisters with his paw, which forces them to overturn and spill out treats through small holes cut out of the top of the opposite end.

slow feeder for Goldie the golden retriever

slow feeder for Michael the golden retriever

As hard as he was trying to get the canisters to flip over and shoot out some food for him, it just wasn’t working. He even tried to nudge it with his nose (beyond adorable), but that did not work either. He also tried to go right in the canisters, as he tried to bite the lid off, but a no go there also. Michael was frustrated and some barks came out (with captions to “call the pawlice”), but his owner kept encouraging him to use his paw.

All Michael wanted to do was eat and this slow feeder was being such a pain! People could relate, as the video has racked up more than 3 million views. As people laughed, the owner did share another video, which shows Michael did figure it out and got some food to come out!

@michaelthegoldie Took him a week to get it, but keeps him busy! Use code: TikToy10 for 10% off! Amazon link in bio. #amazonpetfinds #amazonpet #dogtoys #petfinds @Loobani ♬ Cool Kids (our sped up version) – Echosmith

Of course, the comments did not disappoint. One user said, “I don’t think he recommends this product,” and another user added, “This is me any time I’m mildly inconvenienced.” This user said, “Ahh goldens… not always the brightest but always the cutest.”

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