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Dog left speechless after chiropractor resets Its neck

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While many humans enjoy a trip to the chiropractor, who knew that a dog would enjoy it as much also? That seems to be the case as an adorable viral video is making its way around the internet showing a dog getting relief from pain and muscle tension.

In the video, shared by Daily Loud on Twitter, the dog is left speechless after the chiropractor resets his neck. The video is only nine seconds long, but it is definitely packed with cuteness. The video was captioned, “Chiropractor resets dogs neck and the dog was left speechless,” and there is no lie in that statement.

The video starts with the chiropractor placing his hands around the dog’s neck carefully. As chiropractors do, he then cracks the neck of the dog and holds the dog’s head in place as he says, “Okay.” That’s when the dog realizes what just happened, and the look on his face is amazing. He is left speechless, as he doesn’t move or bark. He looks up at the chiropractor with the most adorable puppy eyes ever.

You can hear the dog’s owner giggling in the video, as the dog’s reaction is just too cute. The video ends with the dog seemingly smiling, as whatever pain he may have been experiencing was just taken right out of his body!

Chiropractor - @boneshands2 gives neck adjustment to this adorable dog

Chiropractor – @boneshands2 gives neck adjustment to this adorable dog

The video has gone viral and has been viewed over 12 million times. There are so many likes, comments, and retweets of the video. One user said, “Bro heart dropped for a second.” Another user said, “It’s hard for dogs not to be speechless,” which is true, but you get the point!

Another user said it looks like it’s not uncommon to do, “I do this all the time with my dog. It help your dog mobility and agility.”

Meanwhile, another user comment made people wonder, “How did they know that dog was having an issue? I’ve never seen such a thing before.” Regardless, the little smile at the end seems to show he enjoyed it!

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