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Hilarious raccoon goes candy shopping at Philadelphia airport

Raccoon goes candy shopping

A raccoon goes candy shopping? The last thing you would expect to see at an airport store is a raccoon, right? It happened when a TikTok user got a video from her friend who happened to be at the Philadelphia Airport. Expecting to see a view from the plane or her enjoying a beer before the flight, the TikTok user was shocked when she saw a raccoon sneaking out for some Twizzlers.

Raccoon goes candy shopping

The video blew up over 2.5 million times, showcasing her friend standing in line at an airport store, as most of us do when in an airport. Maybe waiting to buy a drink or snacks, but she had her phone recording at the perfect time. Out of nowhere, the door on the little cabinet opens up, and an animal’s hand starts reaching out.

What?!?! A raccoon?!?! Yes, that happened as the raccoon came out, grabbed a bag of Twizzlers, and popped back into the cabinet. One of the people who witnessed it all said they needed to see more, and we agreed. Thankfully the user shared a longer version of the video, and the raccoon was not as successful as we all thought.

In the longer clip, the raccoon dropped the Twizzlers as they tried to go back into the cabinet. After a brief pause (and some cheering on by the crowd), the raccoon returned and grabbed it again. Although, this time put them in their mouth, and he disappeared into the cabinet!

While it was a cute and funny moment, you had to be wondering how a raccoon made it into the airport, right? How did they make it past the TSA?

Of course, the comments did not disappoint on this one. One user said, “I don’t blame my man. Hudson’s pricing is ridiculous.” We agree as the prices inside an airport are ludicrous! Another user said, “The new vending machine guy looks funny.”

Many commented on how nice the raccoon was, as they only took one bag and could have taken many. The official TikTok account for Dr. Pepper even chimed in, saying, “Respectfully those are his now.” Maybe the raccoon needs a sponsorship deal with Dr. Pepper?

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