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World’s Dirtiest Man Dead at 94- Hadn’t Showered in 60 Years

world's dirtiest man

Amou Haji, dubbed the ‘world’s dirtiest man’ died on Sunday. He was 94 years old. 

The man had been living as a hermit in the Iranian village of Dejgah. Amou Haji was not his real name but an endearing nickname often given to the elderly in the region. 

Haji was known for his dirty skin and matted hair. He did not use soap and water because he believed they would make him sick. 

He lived in isolation and began sleeping in a hole in the ground. He later moved into an open brick hut his fellow villagers made for him. 

According to locals, Haji had emotional issues that led to his eccentric ways. On top of not bathing, he also avoided fresh foods. 

world's dirtiest man died

His favorite dishes included rotted porcupines. He also smoked a pipe of animal excrement. 

His unusual story was documented as the subject of a short 2013 documentary entitled “The Strange Life of Amou Haji”.

Reportedly, just months before Haji’s death, he complained of ailments. According to officials, the “villagers had taken him to a bathroom to wash”. It’s unclear whether their attempts were successful. 

Now that Haji has passed, the title of “world’s dirtiest man” is available. 

The press speculated that the honor might go to Kaliash ‘Kalau’ Singh, an Indian man who, was reported in 2009, had not showered for over 30 years. 

Singh had stated that his lack of hygiene was an attempt to solve “all the problems confronting the nation.” Neighbors argued that the 63-year-old father of seven daughters was holding off on bathing as he felt it would increase his odds of having a son. 

But going back to Haji, smoking animal excrement, not bathing, avoiding fresh food, and living to see 94… he may be on to something!

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