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Woman goes viral on Tiktok for babysitting fail story

Woman babysitter goes viral on Tiktok

A video has gone viral on TikTok, as a woman shared her biggest mistakes, which could have landed her in jail at a different time. In the video, the TikToker explains how in the 90s, she was a babysitter and had a big miscommunication with the toddler’s mother and ended up taking the neighbor’s son with her on vacation accidentally.

In the video, the woman talks about when she was babysitting for her neighbors, and she misunderstood the directions of the mother, who wanted her to babysit for just one night. However, that one night turned into a weeklong vacation with the toddler! The video has been viewed over 2 million times and has shocked many viewers on TikTok.

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As the video viral on Tiktok explains, the woman said it was the night before she planned a vacation, and the neighbor asked her to babysit the child. The woman explained that she would be leaving for vacation in the morning, to which the mother replied, “that’s fine.” I guess that meant to bring the child with you?

babysitter mistake viral on Tiktok

The woman took off early the next morning from Birmingham to London and brought the toddler with her and her husband for the week-long vacation!

While on vacation, the woman decided to send the mother a postcard every day, fully aware that she had no other way to contact her. Keep in mind that this was the 90s, and she did not have a cell phone, so there was no other way to contact her besides sending postcards to write home.

The woman explained, “During the day, I took him to the zoo and walked around Hyde Park – we had a blast! He loved it, he slept really well, didn’t cry at night, and everything was great.”

After the vacation, they returned home with the baby, and the mother happily greeted them and thanked her for her kindness. She told the woman that she didn’t intend for the child to join the couple on vacation, but she was happy to have the week to herself! So, the mom got a vacation, and the babysitter had to work!

viral on tiktok babysitting mistakes

It looks like the gesture was appreciated and the postcards did help calm the mom’s nerves, as she had to wonder where her child was, right? I wonder how much the babysitter got paid for the week of working?

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