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Doctor ordered to pay medical bills for victim in fatal oral sex overdose case

Doctor ordered to pay medical bills for victim in fatal oral sex overdose case

German doctor Andreas Niederbichler, 45, who was imprisoned for killing his lover by covering his penis in cocaine before oral sex, is being ordered to pay the medical bills for the unsuccessful attempts to revive her. 

The plastic surgeon has been ordered to pay $13,000 for the medical treatment of his former lover, identified as Yvonne M., who experienced shortness of breath and collapsed after the incident which occurred in 2018. 

According to earlier accounts, the victim was rushed to the hospital from the doctor’s home in Halberstadt, southeast of Hanover after she started experiencing symptoms. 

At the time of the incident, Niederbichler was serving as the new chief physician at the Ameos Hospital in Halberstad.

In addition to covering her medical bills, the doctor was also ordered to cover her funeral expenses and to compensate her husband and son for damages. 

The doctor was sentenced to nine years in prison in 2019 after being found guilty of aggravated rape and bodily harm leading to Yvonne’s death. The victim was 38 at the time she died. 

Although the doctor was originally accused of giving the woman cocaine without her knowledge, he testified that she was aware that he had used cocaine on his penis. He also described that victim as an “experienced” cocaine user

The courts ruled against him anyway. 

Niederbichler has previously been accused of having drug-related sex with other three other women who he met online. He told the press he has never used drugs during sex without his partner’s knowledge. 

The other women did not suffer serious negative effects but reported feeling ill at the meetings. 

“Yes, there were drugs. But I didn’t drug any of the women without her knowledge. I was looking for a special kick and they took part,” he explained. 

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