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Blue State Supreme Court reinstates fired unvaxxed workers

Blue State Supreme Court reinstates fired unvaxxed workers

A recent New York Supreme Court ruling reinstates workers who were fired for refusing COVID-19 vaccines. The court is also ordering that the workers receive back pay for lost wages. 

Attorney Marina Medvin shared a screenshot of the ruling on Twitter which provided context for the decision. “Being vaccinated does not prevent an individual from contracting or transmitting COVID-19,” ruled the court. Therefore, workers that were fired for not having the vaccine will be reinstated. 

The ruling took many by surprise as the CDC recently added COVID-19 vaccinations to recommended immunization schedules for adults and children despite the fact that the FDA never approved the vaccines but authorized them for emergency use only. 

In related news, Pfizer executive Janine Small recently revealed to the European Parliament that her company had never tested the vaccine to determine whether it stopped the transmission of the COVID virus before it was released on the market. 

It was further ruled that the Commissioner of Health and Mental Hygiene’s October 2021 order to require workers to be vaccinated “violates the separation of powers doctrine” in accordance with New York’s constitution. The court added that the legislation interferes with petitioners’ right to due process. 

Medvin stated that her posting of the screenshot was “arbitrary and capricious”. 

The ruling comes just a day after New York City appealed a court ruling to reinstate a Staten Island firefighter who lost his job for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine for religious reasons. 

The firefighter, Timothy Rivicci, and his wife both refused to get the jab due to being born-again Christians. 

His wife was fired from her job as a teacher as well. 

The couple was facing foreclosure on their home due to the decision. The appeal prevented him from being reinstated as per the original ruling. 

It is unclear how the new legislation will affect the Riviccis although it’s expected to bring good news to the couple.

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