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Viral video shows UPS driver quickly reacting to help 4-year-old pinned under 100-pound package

Viral video shows UPS driver quickly reacting to help 4-year-old pinned under 100-pound package

The faint cries of a little boy triggered a UPS driver to snap into action and thankfully so. As it turns out, the little boy was pinned down by a heavy package and the UPS driver was able to save the boy and the whole scene was caught on security footage that is going viral.

The viral video was captured by a Ring doorbell and was uploaded to Reddit, where it has gained over 8,000 upvotes and over 100 comments.

While doorbell cameras have caught a wide variety of moments, this one put a little twist on things and gave some major respect to delivery drivers. In the video, 4-year-old Max Pratt can be seen trying to bring in a package from his porch, which is something he enjoys doing for his parents, according to Yahoo! News.

However, this package was a little too much for Max. He was struggling with the package when it quickly overpowered him. The big box began to tilt and then fell on Max, as it had him pinned down to the iron handrail on his front porch.

Max began crying for help and thankfully UPS delivery driver Marco Angel, definitely a fitting name as he was Max’s angel that day, heard him. There was no thinking for Marco, as the driver, a dad of two, ran across the busy street.

Marco said, “I pictured my boys in his situation, obviously, and you go into full parent mode, full dad mode,” Yahoo! News reported.

He ran up the sidewalk and effortlessly lifted the box from Max’s small body. Marco made sure the little boy was doing okay and then helped to safely bring the package inside the family’s home.

Commenters on Reddit were praising the driver’s quick reflexes. One person said, “I guarantee that guy is a parent. That little scared voice will immediately kick on ‘parent mode’ and you have zero control to try to save them. You don’t even think; your body just moves.”

That is exactly what happened and almost like a scene from a Marvel movie, another person said, “The call to action, the boy’s look of disbelief when he’s saved…This is the most Superman-like scene I’ve ever seen.”

While the family was lucky Marco was there to save the day, they have since talked with Max and explained that he should never go to the door alone and also ask his parents for help if a package is too big.

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