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Washington Nationals fan left bloodied after altercation with usher caught on camera

Washington Nationals fan left bloodied after altercation with usher caught on camera

When it comes to beer, baseball and fans, that is a deadly combination that can sometimes end in a very bad way. That is what happened recently at a Washington Nationals game, as an unruly fan had a few too many beers and ended up getting into an altercation with an usher that turned bloody.

The altercation was captured and shared on Twitter, but it all seemed to start out pretty innocently. The video starts out with a pair of ushers trying to remove a male fan from the field level stands during the Nationals game against the Atlanta Braves. The other fans seemed to be sick of the man also, as they were heard chanting, “Get him out!” during the video, which prompted the man to do a silly little dance in the aisle.

As the ushers tried to get him to move up the stairs and out of the stadium, the gentleman appeared to be using his own cell phone to record the whole incident too. The man proceeded to yell and point at a male usher, which is when a third usher stepped in and was slowly pushing him up the steps with his arms and chest as fans continued to boo the fan.

At this point, another fan walked over and approached the man and started yelling at him along the side of the aisle. The fan mockingly blew a kiss at the other fan.

This is when things got ugly, as the fan stopped and was trying to have a conversation with the usher that was pushing him up the steps. You can see the man say that he didn’t want anyone touching him, but he is also in a section where he did not have a ticket for.

The man started to go up the steps again, but I guess he was sick of the usher trying to get him out of there and decided to body himself, as he threw a forearm into the usher’s face. This knocked the usher back into his coworkers, but he still had a chance to wrap up the fan. According to TMZ, the fan bit the usher during the altercation.

As the usher wrapped himself around the fan, he may have scratched the fan, as you can see blood running down the face of the fan when he gets free. The fans were over it at this point, as the police came in at this time and the fans were yelling “A–hole!” as he was removed.

In the end, the fan was arrested for simple assault, TMZ stated.

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