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San Antonio woman arrested for stabbing boyfriend after he found her making OnlyFans content

San Antonio Woman Arrested for Stabbing Boyfriend After He Found Her Making Only Fans Content

A San Antonio woman stabbed her 25-year-old boyfriend multiple times after he found her making content for an OnlyFans account.

The incident occurred shortly before 2 AM on Wednesday at the Fifty02Westover Hills apartment complex on the west side of the city.

According to police, the man came home and found the apartment locked and dead-bolted. The two began arguing through the door but the woman eventually opened it.

When the man came inside, he found that his partner was creating risqué content for her OnlyFans account.

OnlyFans is a site that people use to create accounts and post content which is usually pornographic in nature. Users can pay to view and download live and uploaded pictures and videos.

According to sources, the man was aware that his girlfriend had an OnlyFans account and was not happy about it.

The two continued arguing. At some point, the woman grabbed a knife and began advancing towards the man making slashing motions and cutting his chest and forearm.

She became more aggressive and stabbed him in the ribs.

The man left the apartment and called the police. Paramedics took him to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The couple’s six-year-old child was at home at the time the incident occurred. The child’s grandparents picked up the child and are currently caring for it.

The woman was identified as 22-year-old Destiny Nicole Jimenez. She was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

There are no further updates on the case at this time.

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