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Spice up that cheap bottle of vodka by running it through a Brita? Yes, people are doing this!

Spice up that cheap bottle of vodka by running it through a Brita? Yes, people are doing this!

Times are tough, so not all of us can spend the big bucks on fancy bottles of liquor. If that is the case for you and you are regretting a cheap bottle of vodka you purchased, there may be a solution for you: pour it into your Brita to filter out that cheap taste.

Yes, thanks to TikTok, people are running their cheap vodka through the Brita filter and it turns out, it helps make it taste better. Is it worth doing though?

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Regardless of the taste, drinking vodka will likely get you drunk and can give you a hangover, so be responsible when drinking. While it does seem to be working for many people on TikTok, it doesn’t mean it will work for you. In the end, it could leave you with tap water that tastes like cheap vodka after a while.

However, users are saying by using the Brita filter, it takes away some of that horrible taste and smell you get from a cheap bottle of vodka. With those gone, they say it tastes just like water and a lot smoother, like a top-shelf bottle of vodka would taste like.

If you have ever had a drink of cheap vodka, you know it can go down pretty rough. It has a very strong smell and definitely burns as it makes its way down to your stomach. If you can’t afford that bottle of Grey Goose or other premium vodka, then running the cheaper stuff through a Brita might work for you.

While it works, some people have shown concern about the quality of the cheap vodka and if it will get them less drunk since being filtered. To answer those concerns, no it will not get you less drunk. Alcohol is a chemical liquid, so the Brita will not filter any of that out.

However, the filtering may remove the flavor and taste in that cheap vodka, which is what people are looking for. For the cheap vodka, it has a lot more impurities than expensive vodka, as it has a shorter distillation process and is often made with lesser ingredients, like molasses, potatoes, soybeans or rice. 

By using a water purifying device, you are removing a lot of that stuff, according to LAD Bible. In the end, it is an option and it does work, but be careful and drink responsibly.

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