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Aussie pub ripped for hosting topless event to honor Queen ‘Lizzy’

Aussie pub ripped for hosting topless event to honor Queen ‘Lizzy’

There are definitely different ways people mourn the deceased, but this is one way we have never heard of. A pub in Australia is being roasted after it announced plans to host a wet T-shirt contest on the public holiday dedicated to the mourning of Queen Elizabeth II.

Yes, the Roebuck Bay Hotel, a Western Australian venue in the town of Broome, announced they would be hosting the event and it would be to “celebrate the life of Queen Lizzy.” In a Facebook post for Roebuck Bay Hotel, they said to “join us Wednesday night for a special Wet T in Oasis Bar to celebrate the life of Queen Lizzy. Enter the Wet-T for your chance to win $750. With DJ Sam T on the decks from 8pm party with us late into the night!”

Who’s to say the Queen wouldn’t have wanted a wet T-shirt contest and someone winning $750 to honor her life? 

Mind you, the hotel, affectionately nicknamed “The Roey,” often has a wet T-shirt competition most Thursday nights, so it is just a coincidence it fell on the same night as this public holiday. However, they could have considered taking a week off from the competition, right?

People were not happy with the venue and let them know in the comments, as one person said, “How disgusting and low class. Please show some respect.” Another added, “You need to take a long look at yourselves horrible people, that’s me done.” Someone else said, “That’s a bit of bad taste.”

Regardless of those comments, LAD Bible reported that event organizers expect it to be a packed house at the pub on the night of the event. They also added that they had good intentions to honor the late Queen.

It seems like the public holiday is going to wreak more havoc on Australia than just this wet T-shirt competition. LAD Bible stated employers are expecting thousands of Aussies will be calling in sick to work on Friday, especially if they are out late partying at Roebuck Bay Hotel, right?

Because of this missed work, employers could lose more than $461 million in lost productivity. Taylor Blackburn, Personal Finance Specialist at Finder, said, “Workers are trying to take advantage of the bonus public holiday by turning it into an extra long weekend. This is how Black Friday got its name in the US – with the Thanksgiving holiday always on Thursday, many workers would not come in on the Friday – hence it was a dark day for owners.”

While that may be true, it won’t stop the public holiday from happening in Australia and it probably won’t stop people from heading out to Roebuck Bay Hotel.

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