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Wild viral video shows groom exposing bride’s affair with her brother-in-law at wedding

Wild viral video shows groom exposing bride’s affair with her brother-in-law at wedding

When people congregate for a wedding, the expectations typically include good food, drinks, music and photos. Essentially, weddings are a great time for people to bond over the union of two people declaring their love for one another. That’s why the video that one groom played stunned everyone in attendance, along with millions of viewers on the internet. 

The video, which takes place in China, shows a pair of newlyweds looking at a screen before the x-rated footage begins to roll. Then, the woman tosses her bouquet at the man in shame and disgust, while he shouts “Did you think I didn’t know about this?” Even though the video clip originally surfaced back in 2019, it was recently reshared on TikTok. That’s when it began accumulating the astounding viral numbers it currently has. More than six million people on the social media behemoth have viewed it so far. 

Comments on the video range from shock and confusion to empathy for the groom. Nfaumerous commenters were taken back as to why the groom would proceed with the ceremony if he knew that he was being cheated on. Other users went on to justify the decision by explaining that it can be difficult, if not impossible to receive a deposit back for a wedding date. 

Different users claimed that the satisfaction the groom felt from embarrassing his ex was worth it in the end. According to Asia One, the couple had spent two years together before getting engaged. Then, they were engaged for six months before the wedding. Apparently the bride “suffered from domestic violence” while dating the groom, which caused her to find solace with her sister’s husband of all people. Eventually, the friendship blossomed into much more, leading to the messy scenario that went viral on TikTok.

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