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Woman gets even with nosy neighbors by adding “drug-addled whores and drunks” to her lawn

Woman gets even with nosy neighbors by adding “drug-addled whores and drunks” to her lawn

A Michigan woman took Bonnie Raitt’s advice and gave her nosy neighbors, ‘something to talk about’. She adorned her garden with mannequins resembling drug-addled whores, drunks, and accident victims.” She set up security cameras to film the whole thing via social media and the footage is going viral. 

Tammy Zuniga, a 45-year-old Flint, MI nurse and artist, decorated her lawn with the mannequins along with empty beer bottles and signs telling people not to feed the whores drugs, among other lewd messages. 

She set up the display to irritate her nosy neighbors whom she claimed spied on her while she was working. 

“I paint art out in my garage. I’ll make hundreds of statues. It’s my hobby. 

“I’d be out in my garden working on art projects and I would see blinds moving in the windows. There would be pictures taken,” she explained.  

She also revealed that neighbors would tell her to paint with her door closed, which would be impossible considering the fumes. 

Zuniga describes the journey that inspired her lawn display.

“The first one I did, I set up a mannequin out on the porch wearing a sweater. The neighbors were so intrigued. I heard noise outside and looked out my window. Sure enough, they were all out there staring.

“I figure that if the neighbors think I’m crazy, they’ll stop bothering me,” she said

She says that since she started using the mannequins the neighbors have stopped bothering her. “They probably think I’m the weird mannequin lady now,” she speculates. 

“Now I can’t even be mad at them because they’ve got to put up with me!” she adds. 

However, the mannequin display comes with some downsides, particularly when service people show up at her house. 

“They’d show up and they’d be like, ‘Oh my god! I didn’t know what to think, I thought I’d have to save somebody’,” Zuniga says explaining their reactions. 

Zuniga is having fun with her antics which are blowing up on social media and she doesn’t have plans to stop any time soon. 

However, she says she has no intention of ruining her neighbors’ lives. 

“There could be way worse neighbors. Mine are just incredibly nosy. I’m just trying to entertain them.”

Woman gets even with nosy neighbors by adding “drug-addled whores and drunks” to her lawn

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