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The world’s most dangerous place thanks to a legal loophole

The world's most dangerous place thanks to a legal loophole

Yellowstone Park is a gorgeous tourist destination. But a lawless area inside the park, labeled as the “Zone of Death”, may have people thinking twice before visiting. 

The world's most dangerous place thanks to a lawless loophole

Thanks to a legal loophole, people within the area can commit any crime, including murder, without a conviction. 

The park, which covers 3500 miles and is mostly in Wyoming, offers an atmosphere of wildlife, plants, gorgeous scenery, and active geysers. 

But a 50 mile stretch within the park, which is in the neighboring state of Idaho, is technically lawless. 

The sixth amendment of the Constitution states that someone who commits a crime is entitled to a “speedy and public trial by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed”. 

YouTuber Tom Scott explains how the land’s location frees it from local laws. 

“Congress gave all of Yellowstone to Wyoming despite the fact that some of the park is in Idaho,” Scott stated in a video on his YouTube channel. 

“So right now, in this 50 square mile area I’m standing in the state of Idaho but the federal district for Wyoming. 

“So for crimes committed in this weird little overlap zone, a jury would have to be picked from just the people who live in Idaho state and Wyoming district and the population here is zero. 

“So no jury, which in theory means no conviction.”

Although Scott was in the area and knew he could commit murder without a conviction, he revealed he had no intention of doing so because he is “not an idiot.”

Scott is not the first one to discover the loophole that makes murder technically legal on the land. It was first pointed out by Brian Kalt, a law professor who wrote about the lawless stretch in his 2005 essay, “The Perfect Crime”. 

No known murders have taken place in the area as of yet.

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