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My baby daddy spent thousands on p*rn instead of taking care of our newborn

My baby daddy spent thousands on p*rn instead of taking care of our newborn

A woman has gone viral on Tik Tok after revealing her baby daddy spent over $10,000 chatting with OnlyFans content creators while she was pregnant. 

The 28-year-old Kansas mom, known only as Kelsey, shared a video of herself holding her newborn baby captioned, “When you’re 4 weeks postpartum and you find out that your boyfriend hid an addiction from you for your entire three-year relationship where he spent thousands of dollars on OnlyFans for custom content instead of saving for your family. 

The clip is one of a series that includes other videos of Kelsey saying she learned her boyfriend maxed out his high-interest credit card to feed his OnlyFans fetish but said she was staying with him as he tries to beat his porn problem. 

Kelsey described what happened when she first found out about her partner’s problem. 

“I was feeding our child one night when he was about four weeks old, and my partner had left his phone in the nursery. 

“I found a WhatsApp conversation in his files app, along with some pictures. I guess he’d been talking to the same sex worker and buying her content of many videos for years. I woke him up and confronted him immediately from there, more information came out through the day.”

Although Kelsey was devastated by her husband’s actions, she stuck with him and the two are trying to get help. 

“He found a therapist, we put screen time controls on his phone, and he shows me his bank statements. He’s also trying to find a new job where he won’t have to travel so much, because being apart definitely doesn’t help the problem.”

Kelsey’s videos have garnered a lot of attention and her account, @letstalkaboutcorn, now serves as a forum where people can talk about partners who are addicted to porn.

Commenters have shown varying degrees of support. One woman came forward saying she was one of the models Kelsey’s husband was talking with. 

“Unfortunately, I’m one of those girls and if I would’ve known I would’ve given the money right back,” she said

Another commenter was not so sympathetic saying, “Perhaps you should be giving him what he wants and needs so he isn’t looking elsewhere to satisfy basic human desires.” 

Others slam her for not leaving her husband sooner. 

“People get mad when I don’t take their advice, but they’re only seeing a small part of my life and people don’t understand how common this kind of behavior actually is. I’d be willing to bet that some of their partners are doing the same thing.” 

Kelsey said that her relationship with her partner now feels more open and honest since she found out about his porn addiction in May.

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