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Man found guilty of murder for “jokingly” pushing stranger into pier

Man found guilty of murder for "jokingly" pushing stranger into pier

29-year-old Jacob Foster of Glasgow, Scotland has been found guilty of killing Charmaine O’ Donnell after pushing her into a pier for a “bit of fun”.

Jacob was walking by Charmaine when he pushed her in. The two were not previously acquainted. 

25-year-old Charmaine was out enjoying a day with friends when Jacob pushed her at Helensburgh Pier in Scotland. She died from drowning and neck injuries. 

Foster was charged with culpable homicide after being tried at the High Court in Glasgow. His lawyers pleaded a defense of diminished responsibility due to Foster having a learning disability.

He is currently on bail and awaiting sentencing. 

Charmaine was out with her friend Caitlin Taggers who described what happened on that fateful day in April 2021. 

Apparently, they had been talking to men who were fishing at the pier. A group of kids were jumping in and swimming in the water. 

Suddenly, there was a commotion and word that somebody had gone over the rails into the pier.

At first, Caitlin didn’t know who had jumped but someone shouted, “That’s your pal.”

Caitlin began screaming at Jacob to get help, but he just kept saying, “What have I done? I have taken it too far this time. I am going away for a long time.”

Emergency workers raced to the scene but were unable to save Charmaine. 

A police officer who was at the scene described what Foster said after the incident occurred. “He said that it was an accident. He said, ‘I pushed her. It was a bit of fun.’ He said he had a few cans that day.”

“I did not know that she could not swim,” Foster added

Foster’s lawyers argued in court that his mental disability caused him to misunderstand an alleged remark Charmaine had made about wanting to go into the water.

But the judge found there to be “overwhelming” evidence that Foster’s actions were deliberate. 

Furthermore, it was revealed that Foster had several previous convictions including one for assaulting a coffee shop worker in Helensburgh in 2018. 

Charmaine was described as “a loving and selfless person.” Her death was a tragedy, and she will be sorely missed by friends and family.

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