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Did Rapper Eminem Die and Become Cloned? The Strange Theory Some People Believe

Did Rapper Eminem Die and Become Cloned? The Strange Theory Some People Believe

It seems conspiracy theories will never stop. One of the latest, and among the most amusing, purports that rapper Eminem, aka Slim Shady, died in 2006 and was cloned. 

The basis for this theory? The rapper’s changing voice. 

The rumor has been going around the internet and was even addressed on the Spanish website La Guia Del Veron. 

But it’s not only Eminem’s voice that set off rumors. Fans have also noticed that the rapper’s jawline has changed considerably since he first became famous. 

People have also noted differences in the rapper’s lyrical style starting around 2006 with “a greater emphasis on the hip hop lifestyle”. They also noticed that the way he dressed became ‘darker’. 

In 2013, footage of Eminem performing live on TV began glitching. This further fueled the fire. 

When fellow rapper B.o.B. started posting theories about human clones on the internet, it was all systems go. 

Rumors continued to grow when Canadian American rapper Thomas MacDonald released the song ‘Cloned Rappers’ on YouTube in 2019. Lyrics include statements like, “Illuminati took bone samples to clone rappers’ before putting the real deal in prison to ‘silence their vision’.”

So what do fans have to say about this possible cloning? Many are buying into it. 

“Yeah, I believe he is a clone, it doesn’t even look like him anymore and his eyes are dead,” one wrote. 

“I believe that Eminem is a clone, he doesn’t look the same after the so-called accident where he just disappeared for a year, he came back looking different,” another commented

Others beg to differ.

“The idea that he’s a clone is one of the dumbest conspiracy theories ever. That song from Tom was one of the worst songs he’s put out. As people age, they grow and change as a person,” someone else weighed in.

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